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This reading is the beginning step for those who are ready to embrace the geometry that emerges out of being surrendered to their strategy and inner authority.



This reading is the beginning step for those who are ready to embrace the geometry that emerges out of being surrendered to their strategy and inner authority.
This is where the Incarnation Cross starts taking over the Consciousness of the being and coloring deeply every attempt to establish the natural role that is inherent in our Profile.
In many ways, herein lies the possibility to start the process of enjoying the new awareness that is possible out of the unique expression of that role.
Until now, the whole experiment was strictly mechanical and based on the dualistic formulas of what is defined and undefined in the nature of the vehicle in order to align the form principle that always has to come first.
When I started off my journey as an analyst in the summer of 1993, the Cross of Life and the duality of Definition or lack of it were the only tools we had for the analysis of the potential of a differentiated being.
Given that the mechanics of line infrastructure were far away in time from being logically elaborated by Ra, the Cross of Life information seemed to carry a value that had a deeper anchorage in the magic of the mythological and the mystical than in the scientific, even for those like myself who arrived to the synthesis of Human Design through the branch of astrology and planetary imprinting.
In the last seven years, after a long journey of deconstructing the surface mechanics of the Rave Body Graph down to all the minutia that is imparted in the professional trainings, the development of Human Design as the ‘Science of Differentiation’ has come back to where it started; the Cross of Life.

We are all born with two sets of polarities is each of our two calculations. One is the Sun / Earth polarity, which represents 70% of the imprinting of our differentiated form. The other is formed by the Nodes of the Moon, and they determine the evolutionary orientation of our journey through life. When combined, the Design and Personality Sun / Earth polarities form what is known as the Incarnation Cross. This is the being with its differentiated purpose, but the being cannot be defined in a vacuum. It needs a stage in which it can realize the inherent purpose of its natural role.

This is what the Nodes of the Moon provide, a stage, a certain way of perceiving external stability through the eternal movement of all things. It is in the processing of the stimulation that we perceive during that movement that everything we will ever think to be is set in motion.

The juxtaposition of the Sun / Earth with the nodal polarity establishes the fundamental framework of our individuality. Understanding the signposts that the experienced analyst can provide allows for a deeper integration between the biological potentials of our form and the mythological potential of the personality.

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