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As nine centered beings and members of a transitional species, our maturation process varies enormously from everything we have observed in the generations that preceded, where after a certain age life is nothing but a downhill deterioration process, both mentally and physically.



As nine centered beings and members of a transitional species, our maturation process varies enormously from everything we have observed in the generations that preceded, where after a certain age life is nothing but a downhill deterioration process, both mentally and physically.
In average, we are born to live a life that leaves behind the old barriers of Saturn’s cycle of 29.6 years to move around the Sun (also known as Kronos, the god of Time) and stretches out to the 84 years that equals the orbital cycle of Uranus, the ruler of the new timeline of all members of our species.
There are many cycles that impact our regular development, such as the Moon cycle that repeats every 28 days and rules the process of the type called Reflector, but every nine centred life is divided in three fundamental phases that deeply mark the overall perspective they have about the nature of things.
The first phase lasts from birth until about 30 years of age – the 1st Saturn Return – where fundamentally the psychological umbilical cord is definitely uprooted from within. This is the first real step to take one’s life into one’s own hands. Until this point everything was a kind of rehearsal within your own subjectivity. Now is the time where it is YOU, and nobody else, who is going to pay for your mistakes.
This step brings about an approach that makes us more aloof from the outside reality in an attempt to develop our objectivity, and this starts the second phase that will last until about 49-51 years of age – the Kiron Return – where we learn to accommodate the material World acquiring power and social prestige. From being the ‘Observed’ we moved to being the ‘Observer’, and as a result of this apparent detachment there are others who seem to be ready to trust in us. The question is whether you are ready to trust yourself.
The third is the most challenging of all three phases, because it depends completely on how well the previous two have been integrated into a singular and differentiated perspective. Without it, the whole nature and its cognitive system simply start to break down as it continues to meet all the things that have hurt it in the past and still does not know how to handle.

Every year around our birthday the Sun returns to be in exactly the same position it was the moment that we came into the world and received the imprinting of what would become our transcendent role in this life.
Being the epicentre of our conscious individual nature, the yearly cycles of the Sun around the wheel shape the experiential background of our Personality’s development.
The Analysis of the Rave Return provides precise information about the themes that take on an active function during that year of your Personality’s perspective on things.
Whether personal or educational, the planetary configuration of the Rave Return gives you guidelines and signposts that will allow you to live with the program without being distorted by it in the way you express your role.

If you are around 30 years of age, this could be the most beneficial analysis for you. This is where real life starts. It is around this cycle that we get to feel ready to express our individual role to the fullest. Much is still to be learned, but nothing is strictly theoretical anymore. True Substance is demanded, even in short term activities.
In a nine centered life, this is the moment of establishing ones role and stabilizing our individual relationship to the environment. If that is your current starting point, then this is the kind of reading best suited for you.

Anywhere between 38 – 43 years of age we experience the most radical change in perspective a human being goes through in the entire life. It is called the ‘Uranus Opposition’ and it splits our lives literally in two halves.
During that period, our perspective goes from focusing on ‘where we think we come from’ to focusing on ‘where we think we are moving towards’. In essence, it is change in our perception of movement altogether.
In the first half of the life, we need to accommodate in our consciousness everything that is a part of the world that we were born into, while in the second half we need to find the determination to make our individual contribution that will allow us to leave our footsteps behind after we disappear forever.

If you are in this range of age, then this is the most important piece of information that you can have access to, because it will provide you with an evolutionary framework that enhances and synthesizes the potential of your whole incarnation and journey.

The Kiron Return basically represents the potential flowering of wisdom in the life of the nine centered human being. The myth of Kiron is the myth of the ‘wounded healer’, which so deeply reveals the vanity and futility of the Not-Self, always ready to sacrifice for others and completely unable to look after itself.
In the seven centered world that we have inherited from our evolutionary past, even wisdom was a homogenized expression of consciousness that lead to nothing else than to the hypocrisy of the role models that represent the highest standards of our stagnant societies.
Loving oneself is a form of enlightened selfishness that is never against anyone. The expression of this Self-love during the Kiron Return is rooted in what in Human Design is called outer authority. This is the fundamental ability of speaking for oneself, driven by the natural motivation for self-expression that moves all of us.

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