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  • The Path of Manifestation

    In the distortion of the mundane place, Manifestors seem to be the only ones that are afraid of the consequences of manifesting themselves, and nobody really wonders why. Most human beings think that manifesting is just starting something that is external and therefore easy to manage, but that has little...

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  • The Structural Nature of Pressure

    The Root and the Head centers carry the least amount of sex appeal for the Not-Self mind, and yet most of the mystery in human experience comes from there. To accept the helplessness inherent in being human, all that is needed is to understand the biochemical structure of physical stress...

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  • Two Minds in Us

    Everything operates in a binary and so does the human mind, but because of the homogenized principles that rule over live on the mundane plane, we are conditioned to use our minds strategically in a never ending search for some form of singularity, most human beings only know their minds...

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