The 36 Channels series / 3-60 The Channel of Mutation

Rave Mechanics is a program exclusive to members of the Differentiation Club on the Human Design Platform.

A weekly series of videorecorded lectures, in which Alokanand Díaz elaborates on major themes that will bring alive any knowledge you may already have about the Rave Body Graph.

In this series, Alok will deconstruct and elaborate on major specific themes and components of the Rave Body Graph. He will start with a series on the 36 channels, with one video per channel lasting about 30 minutes. His unique approach will bring the knowledge about any specific human mechanic alive for any viewer.

With 30 years of experience as a teacher, Alok’s unique way of integrating the complex with the simple is sure to resonate with both newcomers as much as with those who already have varying levels of knowledge about the 36 channels, or about any other aspect of human mechanics that he will present in the future in these series.

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