The Differentiation Club Presentation

A private and inspiring space to unlock the highest potential of the Human Design system.

The Differentiation Club is an innovative and interactive space through which you can take your experimentation with the knowledge of Human Design onto another level.

From your home, at the distance of a click of your mouse, meet and share your experiences and observations, interact personally with Alokanand Diaz and enjoy the vast array of unpublished video materials that he has created.

It is a natural joy for Alok to be able to share his experience and enjoy personal interaction with those whose engagement with the knowledge is deeper than the simple curiosity one finds when visiting homogenized social media.

Programs of the Club:
💎 Rave Mechanics (one video per week)
💎 Pearls of Consciousness (one video per week)
💎 The Godhead & the Program (one video every 10 days)
💎 Signposts of Illusion (one Zoom Live meeting with Alok per month)

💎 The HDP Library (free courses, collections and lectures)
💎 The HDP App (access to all the content from your phone)
💎 20 to 50% discounts on The HDP Shop
💎 15 to 20% discounts on The Living Your Design Pathway, The Rave ABC Pathway, The Rave Cartography Pathway, The Emotional Pathway, The Penta Pathway and The WA Pathway (with an Annual Membership).

👉 To join The Differentiation Club and access to all the programs and benefits of the Club, visit The Human Design Platform today!

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