The Human Design Pathways Presentation

The Human Design Pathways

With the purpose of unlocking the highest potential of the Human Design System when applied to deconstruct the dynamics of the daily life, I have come up with a new approach to transmitting knowledge, very particularly with regards to the three ‘Foundation Courses’ approved by the International Human Design School (IHDS): The Living Your Design Pathway, The Rave ABC Pathway and The Rave Cartography Pathway.

Instead of completing these courses in just a few days, and then going home to digest all the information alone, each of these programs last for three months.

In my extended experience as a teacher, it is highly misleading to see these three courses as a preceding and unavoidable step to becoming a professional analyst. This way of presenting them completely blurs the fact that each of them fulfills its own purpose as an extension of “Living Your Design,” providing the necessary perspective to integrate the most transcendent ‘details’ of our uniqueness, and also the tools that will allow anyone driven by the correct determination to complete one’s own deconditioning process. This should be the true primary purpose for anyone who has the good fortune to encounter this knowledge on their life path.

The fact that these “Foundation Courses” are a necessary step for further professional certification in the official curriculum is sadly interpreted by too many people as if they were just the first of many steps. This leads them to rush from one course to another, accumulating new layers of information without having taken the time to decondition themselves, by observing these fundamental mechanics at work in their own personal experience. If you do not know the natural state of “being” within yourself, how could you ever be capable of communicating it in simple terms to anyone else?

Thirty years of focused dedication to expanding knowledge, during which I trained several generations of professional analysts in different languages and countries, have made it clear to me that the greatest difficulty for those who want to enter into analyst training is not in the complexity of what is to be learned afterwards. Rather, it is much more in the fact that the way they have taken in the “Foundation Courses” has remained stale and void of personal substance in their mental memory system.

The Human Design System is also called “The Science of Differentiation.” To listen to some people speak about Human Design can be painful when it all comes out of their homogenizing mind, and what they are trying to explain is something of which they have no personal substance that is drawn from their own experience. Human Design is either knowledge that is alive or, to say it with Ra’s words, “it is just a fucking piece of paper.”

As a reflection of my own personal experience, in being transformed as I penetrated the different layers of the knowledge, I have also created three new transformational programs about some key subjects that I consider essential information for anyone wanting to make irreversible steps in their own deconditioning process: The Emotional Wave Pathway, The Penta Pathway and The WA Pathway. Other pathways, such as ‘The Differentiation Pathway’ are still in the making and will be offered later on.

Alokanand Díaz


✅ The Living Your Design Pathway
The initiation to a journey to yourself

✅ The Rave ABC Pathway
Learning to recognize how the mechanics come alive in the human aura

✅ The Rave Cartography Pathway
Learning to synthesize mechanics into a singular human structure

✅ The Emotional Pathway
Learning how to identify and surf your own emotional wave… and how to not get stuck with that of others

✅ The Penta Pathway
Learning how to recognise the impact of small groups in your daily life

✅ The WA Pathway
Learning how to empower oneself in the marketplace

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