Signposts of Illusion Session 11
Approach, Hindrance & Decrease: The Three Fuels of Homogenized Sexuality

Approach, Hindrance & Decrease: The Three Fuels of Homogenized Sexuality
Session 11

Approach, Hindrance & Decrease: The Three Fuels of Homogenized Sexuality 

Need, Passion and Desire are at the root of all sorts of psychological conflicts that seven centred human beings have always experienced as a consequence of sex and the power of the genetic imperative to reproduce. Nothing to be blamed or ashamed of, given the lack of emotional intelligence they could derive from their normally very deeply limited personal experience. 

Now, as humans with nine centred potential, we still carry with us the same conflicts that we have inherited through the friction that we experienced in our relationship to the previous generations, but we no longer need to suffer because of the way those ancestral homogenized sexual and social protocols condition the clarity of the individual spirit, with which we enter into a new human bond guided by the consistency that our strategy and inner authority provides to our holistic frequency. 

When we know how to represent ourselves correctly through the agency of our signature, we no longer feel so ready to indulge ourselves playing the homogenized emotional games established traditionally by the three social channels. 

In the absence of those homogenizing drives, the spirit is free to establish a clean communion in the way it interacts and communicates with the other, before any emotionally irreversible steps are taken. This is when sexuality becomes just another aspect of our lives through which the human spirit nurtures itself, and it either enriches the bond or not, but it no longer is a force that submits the individual spirit and rules over it, imposing the emotional blindness that turns every intimate relationship into a nightmare of co-dependencies.  

July 17th 2024 / 6PM Madrid Time / LIVE ON ZOOM

One monthly Live Conference + Q&A with Alok in Zoom / A monthly shared experience of feeling the Illusion come alive, through the emotional lens of a ‘Jack of all Trades’ that has learned to celebrate life in surrender to the exciting flow of changes

Alok is excited to offer a monthly live lecture that will last approximately between 90 minutes and two hours. During the lecture, he will discuss various topics that serve as a cornerstone for measuring our level of alignment or distortion with the specific theme of the lecture. After each lecture and a few minutes break, Alok will personally respond to the comments and questions from the Club members.

You meet your design, you get your individual analysis, and then what? Most people nowadays start seeking information in the internet to broaden their understanding, and too easily fall prey to an endless list of ‘HD experts’ that, confusing information with awareness, feed their minds towards further homogenization, this time in the very name of Human Design.

Yes, life is illusion, but if the illusion wasn’t mechanical there would be no potential for wisdom to redeem us from the inherent ignorance with which we are all born, and there would be no signposts that could be of value to communicate about, because nothing would ever make any difference in a purely conceptual and imaginary world.

These lectures aim to inspire those that have met Human Design in their lives to recognize how predictable we all are when our life is driven by our rational mind, and how extraordinarily unique we become when we know how to live as ourselves on the mundane plane.

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