The Mind – Ra Uru Hu

The Mind. I love mind. I’m born in the Quarter of Initiation. My whole purpose in life is fulfilled through mind. I know its beauty. I know the beauty of being able to translate for you out of this mind what is viable and useful and practical for yours. The outer authority of mind is extraordinary. But I also know so deeply, because it’s been my process, how absolutely useless mind is as inner authority.

And yet… And yet, I’m in my third cycle. And the reality is that the Not-Self strategy of my Head Center is still there. It’s not like it’s ever gonna go away. It isn’t. It’s never going to go away. Your Not-Self never goes away. An Open Center is always going to be attracted to what it’s not. Always. But it cannot be the source of your decision-making process. It can’t. And it’s the only thing that saves you.

You see, when I look out in the world of diversity, if you could see me in my studio, you would see that there’s a computer on over here, and there’s a 24 hour news network on over here, and… There’s all kinds of information that I’m tapped into in my moment by moment process. And that if there is something that intrigues me, it never leads to me needing to know what that’s about. It either happens or it doesn’t. It either leads to some kind of movement in my process, or… I mean, it’s not about any of it being important. And it’s not about any of it being important enough to matter for me.

It’s like, I’m always amused by students of mine who send me, you know, links to all kinds of various sites and things where you know, where there’s information that they want to share, and all that stuff. And I understand that process. But that really isn’t me. I’m not gonna spend, you know, I don’t spend, with this Open Head Center, any ANY time at all, thinking about something that needs to be resolved. I don’t. It’s a trap for me. There is nothing that I can do for myself, at the mental plane, that is ever going to benefit me. Nothing. You know, the best I can do is not mess up too many things. And even that would be messy.

You know, to listen to my mind, in the way in which it’s the Not-Self in me, my open Sacral, open Emotions, open Root, open Head Center. I have four Open Centers, so in many ways I’m very open. As a matter of fact, as a Design calculation, I am a mental projector, with only the 43-23 and everything else open. People have this illusion of the 5/1 single definition Ego Manifestor. You know, as being very very fixed. And you know, it’s not true. I mean, if you look in the Design, you will see that there is all of this openness, and I’ve been aware of that all my life.

And when I look back at what I was like before the knowledge, my whole life was lived out of those four centers. I mean my whole life was lived out of those four centers. I mean, everything that mattered to me was about those four centers. And everything that mattered to me was about those open centers because my mind operated according to those open centers. And it’s so deep.

– Ra Uru Hu

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