The Mystical Way

Different from what anyone could think, the ‘Mystical Way’ is not a secret route that we can find in some mysterious place where someone endowed with special gifts initiates us, through some kind of ritual, to who knows which supernatural attributes who supposedly will raise the spiritual category of anyone involved. Nothing further from the cliché of this or so many other pseudoespiritual images who persist in separating the sacred from the profane, the holy from the mundane and the sublime from the ordinary.

In Human Design, the only thing that is ‘holy’ in my personal understanding is life itself, and life manifests through the body. Without the body, human life has no vehicle through which to reproduce the biochemical and genetic patterns that trigger the exquisitely sophisticated sensorial experience that our senses offer us at any given moment (even in our dream life). The so called ‘rational’ mind that interprets ‘who we think we are’ when we wake up in the morning is just a cognitive function that has no real entity, because it needs to be previously programmed through conditioning in order to be able to operate as such. Its linear and hypothetical consciousness projects itself like a shadow that alienates us from the elementary, carrying our attention away from everything that conforms our most immediate circumstance; the present moment. The natural mechanism that programs the human mind during its earliest childhood are the emotions, and the impact of this programming is something that the great majority of human beings carry along with them like an existential condemnation for the rest of their lives. The reason that makes this rule practically inevitable is that the emotions – at least in the way we have known them during the greatest part of our history and until today – are framed by the early family and social experiences that became the foundation of our understanding of the pleasure/pain binary in the mammalian chassis of our conditioned personality.

Unfortunately, there are still too few human beings who have a differentiated perception of the so called ‘emotional intelligence’, and even those who have been benefiting from it through environmental and socio-economical factors perceive it as a human component that carries a value that is prevailingly social. This reveals the fact that we use our emotions to identify the people that we feel bonded with and that could impact positively or negatively upon our personal experience of the pleasure/pain binary, as if the pleasure and the pain were something exclusively dependent on our social life and our ability to remain integrated in the social group that we belong to.

There is, however, a way to experience the emotions that has nothing to do with being social, but is deeply connected with the very fact of being alive and aware of being mortal until life lets go of us. In a certain sense, all mysticism that was ever known to humankind is inspired in the idea of death as a symbol of transcendence and resurrection, as we can see it reflected in all the religions that have inspired the moral foundation for the building of the most advanced civilizations.

As we do not know how to adore life as it is, human beings have always adored death, and as a metaphor of death we have adored suffering as a measurement for transcendence. There is no doubt that this is a cosmic joke the same size as our human vanity, and it is also the sad consequence of being born to be programmed by the environment to live in separation from oneself driven by the irrational fear of meeting the mystery, of now knowing, when in truth it is only when we get to this point in the development of our individual awareness that the true journey begins that will orient us permanently towards ourselves. Everything else is just putting a dogmatic seal on humanity’s fundamental ignorance. Because the ‘Mystical Way’ is nothing else but the recognition that wherever you go and wherever you look, you will see nothing that will not carry the image of your own reflection, which is the essence of the passenger that you embody and that perceives the life holistically through all of your senses.

The gradual alignment between the mechanical laws of the form principle and the individual awareness, that is brought about by the applied combination of strategy and inner authority, suspends the automatic pilot with which the mind ignores the messages of the body, and it creates in the personality the aware perception of the signature in each of the four types. The peace in the Manifestor, the satisfaction in the Generator, the success in the Projector and the surprise in the Reflector open the human personality to a clear and aware perception of the existential relationship that exists between the diversity of small parts that we are all here to play and the Totality of which we never stopped being an intrinsic part.

This is a form of mysticism that is absolutely free from any ‘supernatural’ connotations – it surely is free from anything ‘superhuman’, because human is truly all we can be – and simply brings to the awareness of the personality a holistic perception to be deeply and physically one with all things, in the most organic and ordinary way in each moment of the daily life. It is not about any kind of spiritual achievement, nor is it about any sort of moral grandeur, but it is about the simple self-realization through the presence in the form and the recognition in the spirit that naturally emanates from the signature. This is it, the rest is just the details that differentiate us in all of our diversity.

This is the first time in the whole history of humankind that we have a form of mysticism that is not inspired in the fear of the infinite ghosts that we project upon death, but that inspires us individually to live our life anchored in our own perception of what is magical because it is also natural.

In the mechanics of Human Design, the mystical experience has its own circuit and structure, which fundamentally manifests itself through a small group of channels that are the ones that naturally oppose the greatest resistance in the face of any form of homogenization. However, this does not mean that not having definition in any of them has to be an obstacle to be able to tune in with our own individual mysticism, as the whole individual circuit group is deeply connected to the creative process and this implies the mystical perception as an inherent potential.

However, what predisposes us most towards the mystical experience is not determined by having a certain channel configuration in one’s own design, but rather to have a particular sensitivity that determines our way of feeling more or less integrated in the world that we know for ourselves. Every human being is born with a certain predisposition, but then it is the course of the events that mark their experience in the daily life who end up determining the timing in which this mystical potential emerges, oftentimes in a dramatic and traumatic way, possibly as a disease or any other form of adversity.

This is a course that I will teach for the first time in 26 years of dedication to the knowledge, and I do it also in homage to my dear teacher and friend Ra Uru Hu, whose genius initiated and inspired me, opening the doors for the development of a concise and differentiated understanding of the mechanisms that move human consciousness at all possible levels. Besides following the structure of the course in the same way that it was presented to me, I will elaborate on each of the channels that are part of the individual circuit group and the way in which they become a trigger point for the mystical experience.

Upon concluding the theoretical presentation, I will do an analysis of the individual mystical profile for each of the participants, which means that the length of the course will potentially increase as the number of registered participants grows. To be fair with the planning for those who would like to come to Ibiza and participate live, the order of individual analysis will strictly follow the order of registration of each participant. For those participating online the increase in the duration of the course should not represent any sort of problem. In case someone cannot assist lively to all sessions online they will receive the recordings of the sessions at the end of each day.

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