The Quarter of Initiation

"When you live by someone else’s answers, every question that emerges becomes a source of anxiety and nervousness" Every quarter starts with a gate that belongs to the cross of the Sphinx, which provides it with its fundamental direction in life. Like the other three quarters, the Quarter of Initiation is divided in two halves by one of the 4 gates that make up the cross of the Vessel of Love. As is suggested by the monopole functions of these particular two crosses, the holistic approach or purpose in each quarter is consequently processed very differently in the first 8 gates of the quarter - which are driven to filter in accordance to the holistic purpose of the Sphinx gate at the beginning of each quarter - than it is in the second group of 8 gates, which compose the second half of the quarter, where the sense of purpose is driven by a holistic frequency that is entirely different through the added magnetism of Love.

This alone is already a fascinating material for further studies, but in this article I want to focus on how this holistic mechanical principle has been impacting on the way in which we have always dealt with the mind as a species in our evolutionary past, in our deep ignorance of its profoundly transcendent connection to our emotional system.

In a sense, these two halves of each quarter can be seen as its own variation of YIN and YANG expressions of the purpose inherent to each quarter, and the way this fundamental polarization manifests in each quarter is something that can easily be seen in the third lines of each of the eight hexagrams that make up each of the two halves of the quarter.

Now, to illustrate this a little closer, let me take this YIN and YANG principle and briefly explain the way it works in the Quarter of Initiation, which is the one that the Sun right now is actively bathing and pouring its neutrino streams through it, showing up in the disguise of daily ‘news’ through the planetary program.

If you look at the lower trigram of the first 8 hexagrams in this quarter, starting with gate 13, you will see that it is built upon a Yang-Yin-Yang biochemical foundation, whereas the second 8 gates of the quarter, starting with gate 25, are built upon a Yang-Yin-Yin foundation.

It is a well known fact that the third line of each hexagram stands for the way in which the nature of the hexagram is going to ‘materialize’ in real time and experience. If you take a look at the two lower trigrams that rule over each of the two halves of this quarter, and focus on the difference in their third lines, you immediately get to see how many things are associated with the YANG and YIN qualities of our mental approach to life as a whole. Considering that the YANG stands for the Spirit and the YIN stands for the Form, if you follow the logic of things, it is easily deductible that the first half of this quarter stands for the relationship that human mind has always had to the world of ‘Spirit’ (Mutation, the precedent quarter), and that the second half reveals the relationship that mind has always had to the world of ‘Form’ (‘Civilization’, the following quarter).

Given that the direction that imbues the human mind with its purpose in this quarter is rooted in gate 13 – ‘Fellowship of Men’, the gate of the ‘Listener’ – which is the pathway of delivery for the ideas and believes of the past, we can assume that most of the resistance in emotional beings to let themselves flow along with convention is rooted in the fact that their personal emotional experience never seems to match the expectations created by those dogmas inherited from the past, as there is no fixed morality that can ever be attached to a human being’s emotionality. Such is the purity of the power of the emotional wave as an engine for the development of homogenized collective human consciousness and potentially differentiated individual awareness. The rational creatures that we have always believed to be, are now waking up to the realization than rather than rational, our basic intelligence is only transformed into awareness when we know how to define ourselves individually as ‘sentient’ beings.

Under these mental premises the questions emerge naturally and unavoidably, as we can see in children, and the pressure of these initial doubts tends to bite deeper into the ‘inner flesh’ as our personal experience only confirms the absolute lack of certainty of any kind that we have in our own Spirit. You can see by the number of activations that the dominant center in the first half of the quarter is the always unstable and profoundly volatile Solar Plexus, that in its attempt to process the emotional wave and find clarity can only raise the existential doubts (gate 63) realized in the absence of Truth ‘in the now’.

Such is the human condition that keeps ‘heating up’ our human Spirit inside our very own flesh and bones as we breathe and take in the World from the very moment of birth. We have all been there. It revolutionizes us (49), if makes us cling to its fire (30), it is never full nor empty (55), it defines our friends and our enemies (37), it overwhelms us with anxiety about the future (63) and makes us look into the frailness of our sovereignty over ourselves (22), until it makes us blindly jump into the void of unfulfilling expectations (36). Does anyone want or need some more fuel for questions? Every emotion holds an existential question, and that’s why it can never be the base for any kind of certainty.

Let’s take a look now into the potential for truth being found in the answers, and allow me to take a breath here and giggle to myself before I continue. There is no wondering why… as if questions had to be a source of fear and insecurity, rather than a fuel for holistic sensorial intelligence that is exclusively oriented towards getting the ‘big picture’. Have you ever wondered why all human beings have asked themselves the same questions again and again for millennia? Well, obviously because not many have ever made it to really be able to think originally, without meeting external resistance and potential social exclusion as a result of moral condemnation, don’t we all know that?

And, if all questions come from a past that happened before we were born, then what could the answers that we find in life truly be worth? If you still wonder about my giggle, perhaps this is the place where I can best explain, if I consider that perhaps the greatest of all lies is the answer that claims that life already has ‘an intrinsic purpose of its own’, which is the ‘green card’ of gate 25 – Innocence – (giggling again) to lay on ‘an intrinsic purpose of its own’ any kind of mental trip that it wants, as a way to keep a handle on everything by the simple stance of its pretended moral superiority.

In the channel of Initiation that gives name to this whole quarter – and is the only channel that gets defined when we combine the 16 gates of the quarter together in the body graph – we can see both the light and the shadow of being part of such an extraordinary mental species as ours. It is precisely because we have a mind that allows for the most sophisticated way of coded communication that has ever existed in the history of evolution, that we experience both the immense potential for self-reflected consciousness that it brings, as much as we experience its deeply confusing subjectivity and the painful limitations in its potential for direct manifestation into form.

Now, given the mystical potential of this channel, it is here where we can easiest be mentally self-deluded by projecting our own self-reflected potential for consciousness unto some ‘Godhead’ that conditions all the mental choices that we make for ourselves, or worse we fall into the megalomania of thinking ourselves to be the only godlike human that has the inherent gift to righteously think and speak for everyone, telling them what their choices are supposed to be if they are or want to be smart.

It goes from telling us how and what we are supposed to see and what the things are that we ‘have to’ be certain about – no less – the ‘future’ (17), what we are supposed to eat, to wear and the things we need to have under control at all times (21), what we are supposed to compete and fight for when challenged, if we want to be respected (51), the way we are supposed to grow and mature (42), the difficulties and limitations we are supposed to overcome (3), the things we are supposed to care about and how (27), and the truths that we should identify ourselves fully with in order to define ‘who we think we are’ (24). If you look at the basic anatomy of this set of 8 gates in the body graph, it is obvious that the drives and concerns of this second portion of the human mind are of a very different nature, and so is the nature of the purpose that can potentially be fulfilled through each of them when operating correctly in the individual design.

But combining them in the most simple terms of the centers that are involved, it shows us clearly that this half of the Quarter of Initiation is dedicated to use the rational mind (Ajna) to compete over power and energy resources (Sacral), and also over the basic but fundamental strategic intelligence to control them. Pooh, let me take a breath here. Where did all the questions go? Who has time to think here? At least, it’s all rational, right?

Yes, it is… but this ‘automatic pilot’ logic is quite deceptive. Logic is the way of life, but feeling is what defines and determines the ‘human way’, and therefore reasons could never be enough. You see, if you look at the only three gates of this quarter that are actually located in the mental centers (Head and Ajna), the setup for homogenized thinking is clearly set. The emotional nervousness and impatience (mental pressure) of the captivated spirit can be concretized into nothing more than a seemingly reasonable question (63 – Doubt) that can never be satisfied with any conclusive answer about anything because it never asks about ‘what is’, but always asks about ‘what could be’.

What ‘could be’ and ‘what is’ are always as far from each other as now is from tomorrow, so we had to develop the material capacity to codify ‘time’ before we could re-create virtual reality. Mind is indeed a measuring instrument to define our individual relationship to the environment, but how could we ever do that without all those reference points in the past that we call conditionings? And what are we if we never get to differentiate ourselves from them?

The righteous mental anxiety about ‘right and wrong’ answers that can be found in the pretended conceptual certainty displayed by gates 17 and 24 is mostly due to its assumed responsibility over the application of theories to the five other gates (colored in red) that stand between the two of them in the Rave Mandala. Please, do take a look at the graphic above and do not miss out on the details of this, for they are shockingly awakening. Gate 17 pretends to be of service to humanity when it tries to answer the question(s) of the 63 about ‘what could be’ by turning it into a subjectively distorted and prejudiced opinion about ‘what should be’.

All in all, we could resume the whole purpose of being part of a mental species as a process in which we helplessly learn to be observers of our own experience, constantly measuring and reflecting on the many ways in which waves become particles overtime… since as I once wrote to Ra: “It is all a Monopole game”.

The funniest of all of this is that while the not-self mind has always been doing this since the beginning of time, the potential for a self-realized truth that empowers unique and differentiated awareness has always been there, just taking one step back (24 – Return) and shifting the attention of your mental focus from ‘what should be’ to the material (YIN) reality that sustains its evident truths right in front of your own eyes.

The only possibility for mind to ever occupy its rightful place as a communication tool in our lives starts with the premise of knowing what your own individual question is that matters. Do you have any idea about what this says in regard to the importance of your type’s mental dilemma? By the way, Ra’s answer to my monopole message was: “Yes, Alok, yes”.

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