Your Own Inner Authority

“Human Design is for correct decision making”

It was not until Ra established that the most practical purpose of the Human Design System was to learn to make correct decisions for oneself, that all that most people who met it could say about the system was that it is intellectually interesting and also that it was intellectually too complex.

More than 20 years later the intellectual sophistication of the knowledge has continued to grow, and yet the simple and practical applications of Human Design are still the same; how to listen to your body and recognize the signals of its inherent inner authority in order to make correct decisions that bypass the fears and attachments of the conditioned rational mind. The mind is very tricky, and it always finds ways to get us back into identification with what we are not, and this is why one needs to be properly equipped in order to be able to withstand its delusive ways to pressure us into making some choices.

This is exactly what I am intending to do in this pioneering course. For the first time I will deconstruct ALL of the channels that can act as a source for inner authority in order to highlight the general thematic that one always needs to be attentive to, if one is the carrier of such form of inner authority and wants to ‘reach’ the inner place of complete surrender in the personality and self-mastery in the form that is the nature of passenger consciousness.

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