Generators and Mental Pressure

It’s about passenger consciousness. “I don’t know who I am as an idea, I’m a passenger of the form. I’m here to respond.” That’s what the head is for, to remind you of the right question (What is the question?). You have to come back to the right question, you have to come back to the existential dilemma that aligns you to your inherent nature. This is what it is for. This is what the pressure is all about when experienced as mental inspiration: aligning the consciousness with the form.

If you are a Generator and you think like a Manifestor, you are going to have problems with your doing and your thinking both, and you are never going to enjoy your thinking process, as it is going to feel more like worrying and anxiety than anything else. And it’s all a matter of coming back to the right question.

The nature of the Head Center is to inspire differentiated thinking. Once you focus your thinking on who you are for yourself and you live according to that, a Generator that is satisfied by his/her responses, by the work that they do, they will think unlike any other human being, they will see and realize things no one else can, because no one else does what they do, the way they do it, where they do it, with whom they do it, no one can see the same thing with their unique and differentiated perspective, for they are the only ones that have ever looked out of their two eyes.

You can only be the original of YOU, you can’t be the original of anything else. It’s not just logical, it is bio-logical. When you understand circuitry, you see, there’s much more energy for believing and for knowing than there is for understanding. Applying understanding is not something human beings do by themselves, which is good for therapists I guess. Most Generators perfectly understand what their strategy is, because there isn’t anything that is more simple, but this doesn’t mean they’ll live by it, oh, no. They know exactly what initiating means, but they simply cannot avoid indulging themselves and try to neutralize the anxiety of now knowing ‘what to do’.

Don’t initiate change if you are a Generator, but simply respond to change as it happens. If you try to initiate change, then you are going to be sorry when it’s a little too sunny, and also when it’s a little too rainy. You can’t bring the sun when it’s raining, nor can you make it rain when the sun is out. All you can do is respond to what’s happening in the flow of your life.

It’s only when you get a unique experience that you also get a unique perspective on things out of what you have felt during that experience, and then you also have something unique to say; something that nobody else can say for you, because it does not sound like something that you’ve heard somewhere else before. Someone else might have spoken about the same thing, but they didn’t say the same nor expressed it in the same way. That’s what outer authority is all about. You don’t reinvent the world, but you see it through your own unique lens, and you provide your own depth and your own style and your own spirit to your self-expression.


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